Sign the petition to tell Chick‑fil‑A you won't stand for blatant animal cruelty.
Dear Chick-fil-A:

It made me sick to my stomach to watch hidden-camera video of blatant animal abuse at your supplier farm and slaughterhouse — workers violently slamming birds into transport crates and breaking their wings and legs, chickens cut open while still conscious and breathing, and birds scalded alive in hot water tanks.

This has to stop!

As the highest-selling chicken fast-food chain in the country, Chick-fil-A has the power, and the responsibility, to help end the needless suffering of billions of animals.

I am writing to ask that your company swiftly adopt meaningful animal welfare policies for all of your chicken suppliers, including:

- An end to selective breeding and growth enhancers and a shift to slower-growing breeds to prevent obesity-related health problems in birds

- Providing birds with more space, clean litter, access to natural light, and environmental enrichments

- Requiring suppliers to switch to less cruel controlled atmosphere killing systems (CAK) using inert gas to render animals unconscious prior to unloading and slaughter

- Zero tolerance for animal abuse and video monitoring systems that live-stream to the Internet to deter egregious acts of violence against animals

These are common-sense changes that would greatly alleviate needless suffering for countless animals. CAK is recommended by Dr. Temple Grandin and other animal welfare experts because it eliminates many of the worst abuses chickens endure at slaughter, including violent handling by workers. CAK is approved by the USDA and is already widely used in the European Union.

It’s time for Chick-fil-A suppliers to implement meaningful animal welfare policies and oversight to protect animals from needless cruelty. Please take swift action to end egregious animal abuse at your supplier farms and slaughterhouses.


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