Every Chick‑fil‑A sandwich is filled with horrific animal abuse. A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation at multiple Chick‑fil‑A suppliers reveals baby birds being violently slammed into transport crates and having their legs and wings broken before being electrocuted and then scalded alive.
Chickens bred to grow so quickly they suffered from crippling leg deformities
Workers violently grabbing and slamming baby birds into transport crates
Birds having their throats, wings, and chests sliced open while still conscious
Thousands of chickens being scalded alive in hot water tanks
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“This video shows very rough handling and throwing of chickens into transport modules. Kicking birds and picking them up by the heads was also observed. … This farm has some serious problems that need to be corrected.”
Dr. Temple Grandin
“From the moment that the chickens are dumped from trucks to a conveyor belt in large groups, surely terrifying, and then hung upside down by their feet, we can be morally certain that the animals are experiencing significant fear.”
Dr. Bernard E. Rollin
“The slaughter of poultry in the United States is in dire need of reform. Transport, unloading, shackling, stunning and slaughter itself are all sources of significant physical and psychological trauma.”
Dr. Sara Shields
“In summary, the video recording that I reviewed depicted methods involving the slaughter of poultry that are unquestionably painful, cause undue stress, and subject the bird to cruel needless suffering.”
Dr. Greg Burkett
“While watching this video, I was truly appalled at the extent of cruelty inflicted on chickens before being killed at this slaughter facility. The welfare violations the chickens in this video are subjected to are so horrible that they defy description.”
Dr. Armaiti May
“The handling of the birds in this facility is cruel and inhumane. … Any number of birds boiled alive is cruel and inexcusable. The fact that this is a common occurrence in this facility is intolerable.”
Dr. Lee Schrader
“The worst thing that can happen to the bird from a welfare standpoint is finally an agonizing death from being scalded and drowning in scalding water, a fate that happens frequently in this facility as witnessed by the high number of red skinned cadaver birds.”
Dr. Debra Teachout
“The imprecision of the slaughter process depicted in the footage exposed chickens to inexcusable rates of pain and suffering, as numerous chickens miss out on critical steps in stunning and decapitation.”
Dr. Katherine van Ekert Onay
Chickens are sensitive and intelligent animals with advanced cognitive abilities that rival those of dogs, cats, and even some primates. Studies show that chickens excel at complex mental tasks, can learn from watching each other, and are even able to pass down information from one generation to the next.
Chickens are very social animals who can form deep and meaningful friendships with other birds. Some birds are outgoing and gregarious, while others are more shy and reserved. But all chickens put family first, giving rise to the term “mother hen” to refer to particularly protective parents.
The communication skills of chickens are highly sophisticated and begin developing at an early age. Mother hens will cluck to their chicks while they are still in their eggs, and the unborn chicks will chirp back at them. Researchers know of at least 30 types of vocalizations that chickens make to mean very different things.

The best way for individual consumers to help end this cruelty is to leave animals off their plates.